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Tell European policy makers to enact laws that leave burning behind and shift public support to true renewable energies.
Policy support, subsidies, tax breaks and other financial incentives must be diverted from bioenergy to real solutions such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.

For a more detailed criticism of bioenergy supported by a wide range of NGOs click here.


‘Bioenergy’ generated by burning wood, soy, rapeseed and palm oil, animal fats, wheat, corn, potatoes, sugar cane and many other crops, is a ‘climate cure’ worse than the disease.

Burning has played a critical role in the history of humanity, from providing warmth, to expanding our diets, to powering the industrial revolution. But our dependency on fossil fuels has come with a considerable cost to the planet.

A threat to our very existence

Our planet is heating up, threatening the very existence of our societies and the ecosystems that support them. The mining and burning of fossil fuels is polluting our soils, waters and air – often affecting the most marginalized people the greatest.

In recent years, the climate crisis has driven a technological transformation and a shift away from fossil fuels towards green, climate friendly alternatives. But governments and fossil fuel companies still can’t stop the urge to burn. To replace fossil fuels, they are promoting the burning of plants and animal fats, a fake climate solution they smartly labeled ‘bioenergy’.

A ‘climate cure’ worse than the disease

Today, we burn biofuels made from soy, rapeseed and palm oil, from animal fats, from wheat, corn, potatoes, sugar cane and many other crops in our cars and forest biomass in power plants. It is a ‘climate cure’ worse than the disease. They benefit corporate profits while leaving a trail of destruction. 

Burning biomass and biofuels is leading to the widespread loss of forests and the destruction of other ecosystems, with a devastating impact on the lives and rights of local communities.

In many cases, it even leads to more emissions than the fossil fuels it replaces.

Governments must focus their support on truly sustainable technologies like wind and solar. 

It’s time to move away from stone age technologies to ones that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

It’s time to allow nature to heal. It’s time to breathe clean air again. It’s time to end fake climate solutions.

It’s time to move beyond burning.


How burning biomass is destroying our planet

The European Union supports the production of bioenergy in its supposedly ‘clean’ fuels law. Its quota for fuels made from plants and animals fats encourage fuel suppliers to search for new ways to burn things. These disastrous policies led to mass deforestation for palm oil, ravaging the rainforests and ecosystems of South-East Asia.

Forced to act after a massive public outcry, the EU is now phasing out palm oil. But it has failed to learn the lesson and its policies mean palm oil is simply being replaced by the cheapest alternatives. Now we are seeing a similar pattern emerge as fuel producers turn to Latin America and the world’s greatest forest, the Amazon, to farm soy to burn in Europe’s cars and trucks.

We are seeing even more ingenious, but equally destructive, ways to burn things. Chip fat oils and animal fats are now being used to power cars and are increasingly promoted as the magic solution for clean flying. But incentives for these limited waste products are driving fraud or contributing to deforestation, with expanding cattle ranching and feed production from soy bringing fragile ecosystems like the Amazon to the brink of collapse.

To replace coal in power plants or for producing heat, entire forests are being razed to the ground and intensive and unsustainable forestry models are being incentivised to produce the vast quantities of wood needed.

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